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Hey guys! The new playlist is ready and waiting to be listened to! We have it all! Pop, classical, jazz, blues, rock, hip/hop, psychedelic, country, electronic, house, rockabilly, hard rock, rap, soundtrack, dance, singer songwriter and more! 

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What Can Code 3 Records do for your music?


Code 3 Records is not a traditional record label. All of the artists, bands, and songwriters we work with own their own music. 

We have a unique way of working with artists and submitting their music to sync licensing opportunities. All of the artists we work with are self published and have releases on the Digital Service Platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.). We work with artists for a period of 12 months. During that time we confirm that they are collecting both songwriter and publisher shares of their royalties with their PRO(BMI/ASCAP). We also provide copyright and agency royalty registrations with all of the appropriate agencies such as Music Reports, The Mechanical Licensing Collective etc. This includes gathering all metadata and producing agency specific spreadsheets. 


During the 12 months of service we pitch our artists music to sync opportunities, promote on our social media and Spotify playlist.


  • · Licensing opportunities for your music
  •  · Social media marketing plugs for your brand 
  • · Your music on the Code 3 Records Monthly Spotify Playlist sent to thousands of music fans all over the world!
  •  · A month on the Code 3 Records website
  •  · Personalized help building a foundation for your music business 
  • · Band Mom Documents -Documents for your Band/Brand; Partnership, Ownership, Management, Musician for Hire, Release, Transfer
  •  · Metadata organized into agency specific royalty collection agency spreadsheets to track your music royalties throughout the world! 
  •  · Your music registered with the U.S. Copyright Office - Government fee not included (currently US CR office charges $65 per album) 

Code 3 Records Artist Services purpose is very clear.

And that is to pave the way forward to fair compensation for ALL musicians. Provide opportunity to build their music business as their primary profession is the goal! We have helped bands and solo artists establish themselves as their own business LLC!

We Are Artist Friendly & Affordable!

Why Does Metadata Matter?

Organized metadata can maximize your royalties, help fans find your music, and help music supervisors license your music. Whether its a search on Google, Spotify, Apple Music or any search engine, accurate metadata can help your music get discovered and get paid. Not having your metadata in order and plugged into the right agencies can lead to missed opportunities and even stolen intellectual property. Protect and police what you create.

Need help? Code 3 Records Artist Services can help!

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We help artists monetize their music, collect worldwide royalties (current and retroactive) and pitch their music for licensing opportunities (we’ve placed on Indie Films, Showtime’s Shameless, Comedy Central, MTV among others). YOU retain ALL of your publishing. WE make sure you receive every penny from every platform, worldwide. This is a service but we keep our fees artist friendly. The bulk of our work is focused on the mountains of paperwork and digital documents required to register songs in such a way that artists can receive ALL POSSIBLE COMPENSATION for spins, plays, and usage online and in the media. This way, artists can focus on their music, and we do all the boring stuff required to help you succeed in a contemporary, digital landscape that evolves rapidly all the time. You made the music, now make sure you own it and get compensated for it! Start building your music business foundation!


We work with self published artists and ensure seamless and easy-to-license music without any clearance conflicts. We expedite the whole process and provide TV/Film/Game industry associates with exciting, new, carefully selected music that meets industry standards with 200% clearance.

What genre or style of music can we help you find?

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